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Roof and Wall Sarking

Roof sarking is made out of a pliable membrane material, making it easy to be fitted and installed on most roofs. Although it is important, a sarking membrane can only be installed when building or renovating. It works like a secondary skin or protective layer to safe guard your house; roof sarking is therefore a crucial process that should not be overlooked.

Due to its protective capabilities, roof sarking will help your roof and home survive the harsh Australian weather. Whether it’s strong rains or hail caused by storms, or drought inducing heat, properly installed sarking will protect your house from damage, keeping you safe and minimising renovations down the line.

To get the most benefits out of sarking, wall sarking is also important. Like roof sarking, wall sarking helps a house by acting as a form of insulation. Wall sarking also works as a secondary defence mechanism against weather, allowing your house to have better airflow.

Sydney Roofing and Building Supplies stocks fantastic vapour permeable sarking, which allows you to prevent water damage by allowing the water to properly drain away.  By sarking roofs and walls, you will also enjoy various health benefits. When water is properly drained, it reduces chance of condensation that could otherwise have serious health impacts due to the accumulation of mould.

Additionally, along with preventing the build-up of dust, which will create uncomfortable and unsuitable living conditions for families, sarking can also prevent potential harmful contaminants from entering your home. Roof sarking will also keep your homes safe in the event of a bush fire, as it resists damage from embers. In some areas of Australia prone to bush fires, roof sarking is mandatory for this exact reason; therefore if you plan to skip this important step, you should at least check building requirements before you start any heavy construction projects in these areas.

Australia’s stark weather is not something that is easy to prepare for. The sarking insulation will give your house better thermal protection. Your living space will therefore remain cooler during the summers and warmer in the winters, allowing you to better deal with and adapt to the weather.

This feature will help your family to be more comfortable all year round, whilst reducing your energy bills. If you want to avoid high electricity bills from overuse of cooling or heating appliances all year round, then you should consider investing in sarking for your home. Such additions also add permanent value to your property, so the benefits from installation can be very long-lasting.

Sydney Roofing and Building Supplies focuses on quality even beyond the products we offer. With our delivery service reaching all areas of Sydney and the Central Coast once – twice a week, in most cases, you will get your products within two days of the order being placed.

It’s important to also remember that roof sarking can be a big job, so you should hire professionals to ensure that the job is done right. This is why Sydney Roof and Building Supplies are proud to recommend Southern Cross roofing for all your contracting needs. We work closely in collaboration with our partner contractors to ensure that your roof sarking is expertly installed and that all your roofing needs are met.

To find out the best roof and wall sarking prices, contact Sydney Roof and Building Supplies.


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