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Tiles and Slate

If you are looking to buy slate Roof Tiles Sydney Roof and Building Supplies is a great place to start. We stock the highest quality slate & Tile roofing products, Sydney can offer. Whether you are looking for new or used slate, you’ll find the very best in our store.

Based on years of experience and expertise, we have selected the best slate or tiles suited for any project, so our customers’ dream homes can become a reality.  That is why we have chosen to store and sell Boral roof tiles, & Briss Tiles. These roof tiles are elegantly designed by Boral, an Australian sustainable and environmentally conscious company. With various designs suited to all architectural styles, you are sure to find tiles suited for your dream home.

These roof tiles come in terracotta, concrete,. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the Terracotta and Concrete Roof Tiles are long lasting, have a range of colours, are fire resistant, and require very low maintenance, therefore you will not have to worry about them getting damaged in the harsh Australian weather conditions.

As you would expect from a specialty store, we have plenty of other options for you to choose from. At Sydney Roof and Building Supplies, you will be able to find tiles made from the world’s best natural materials. We have the best natural slate, direct from Spain and best natural Welsh Slate from Wales available –

These slates are created from unique natural materials found in the quarries that date back millions of years. It is widely accepted that Welsh slate mined and used is unsurpassed. Not many materials or technology can match the quality and resilience of slate, making this range perfect for any situation or conditions. If you want unique high quality luxurious natural slate that will make your dream house the envy of your neighbours, Welsh slate are the ideal choice.

Another quality option are Spanish slate. As in Wales, Spain’s quarries offer some of the best slates that can be mined. We at Sydney Roof and Building Supplies stock a wide selection of slates made from these exceptional materials.  If you want high quality resilient tiles at a budget, then Spanish slate are the optimal choice.

Apart from supplying the materials that can help put together your dream house, we are also partners with Southern Cross Roofing, to help you install your natural slate. With our slate and their years of experience, we can guarantee a high quality job done right. You can also expect fast delivery,

Let us help make the process of building your dream home enjoyable and stress free. If you are looking to buy high quality slate regardless of budget, call Sydney Roof and Building Supplies now. Whether you are looking for terracotta or concrete tiles by Boral, or tiles made from Spanish or Welsh slate, our collection is the ideal place to start. And if you are looking for a contractor, contact the excellent team at Southern Cross Roofing.

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