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Bahco Blade 21″
Bahco Bow Saw 21″
Bricklayers Line Pink 100m
Broom Woolshed Broom
Chalk Line 30m Reel
Folding Ruler 1m
and Cutter Spare Part 35mm Blade for Hand Cutter
and Cutter Spare Part Hole Punch
and Cutter Spare Part Die
and Cutter Spare Part
Repair Kit
Knipex Pincher  
Lead Bosser Beach Wood
Lead Dresser Beach Wood
Pencils Staedtler Red Carp
Slate Anvil  
Slate Cutter & Hole Punch Slate Cutter 35mm Blade & Hole Punch
Slate Guillotine  
Slate Hammer Universal
Slate Punch Double Hole Slates up to 8mm thickness
Slate Ripper with Hook Handle
Spear & Jackson Bow Saw 21″
Spear & Jackson Saw Blade 21″
Tape Measure Fat Rhino 8m
Tape Measure V-Force 8m
Tile Nibbler  
Tool Bag Double Pouch
Tool Bag Single Pouch
Trowel Pointing Trowel 7″
Trowel Pointing Trowel 7″
Weep Holer