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Traditional, corrugated roofing and walling

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Lysaght Custom Orb is the famous corrugated profile, equally at home in both heritage and contemporary design. It is long, wide, strong, lightweight and economical profile which can be quickly and easily aligned. Add up these features and you have a steel roof or wall cladding that simply offers outstanding value.

  • Can be used for both roofing and walling applications

  • Available in a wide variety of Colorbond pre-painted colours and unpainted Zincalume

  • Roof sheet lengths of up to 24m can be used before an expansion joint is required

  • Can be laid flat or sprung curved for increased versatility

  • Minimum roof slope 5″

Available Colours

Technical Specifications


0.42 or 0.48mm






Sheets are supplied custom cut.



Length: +10mm, -10mmCover Width: +4mm, -4mm


CUSTOM ORB® Material Specification
  • Next generation ZINCALUME® zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy-coated steel complies with AS 1397:2011 G550, AM125 (550 MPa minimum yield stress, 125 g/m2 minimum coating mass)

  • COLORBOND® steel complying with AS/NZS 2728:2013 and the steel base is an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy-coated steel complying with AS 1397:2011. Minimum yield strengths are G550 (550MPa). Minimum coating mass is AM100 (100g/m2)

  • Stainless steel standard grade designation is AISI/ASTM Type 430; UNS No. S43000;

Tech Specs

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