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Fibreglass & Polycarbonate Roofing

Fibreglass & Polycarbonate Roofing

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We stock Ampelite fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing products and accessories for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. These materials offer outstanding protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, while still allowing good light transmission for added visibility throughout your spaces. Fibreglass and polycarbonate sheets are perfect for alfresco areas, carports, sheds, verandahs, gazebos and other structures.

Available Colours

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Technical Specifications

What are polycarbonate roofing panels?

Polycarbonate roofing panels are made from thermoplastic, which is exceptionally strong and durable. The material also comes in a variety of colours, thicknesses and dimensions, making it extremely durable and versatile.

These qualities as well as its UV-resistant benefits which filters 99 per cent of harmful UV rays, make Amperlite polycarbonate sheeting ideal for outdoor areas and structures, providing protection for the family under the rain or the hot sun, while still permitting diffused light.

Amperlite polycarbonate roofing panels are also lightweight and efficient to install, leading to faster installation and less need for heavy framing for the cladding to be fixed to.

Characteristics of Amperlite polycarbonate roofing panels:

• Tough and durable• Ability to resist hail damage• 99 per cent UV protection• Excellent light transmission• Available in a variety of colours and panel sizes• Lightweight• Easy to install• Multiple colour choices• Generous warranty• Minimal maintenance required• Australian made

What are Amperlite fibreglass roofing panels?

Amperlite Fibreglass roofing panels are manufactured using a combination of glass fibres and a resin bed, and offer a cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate for some applications.

Standard fibreglass is not UV resistant so is less suitable for structures such as verandahs or gazebos where people may gather, but still provide shelter and light transmission so are suitable for structures such as carports or to allow light into storage sheds or similar. The Amperlite fibreglass range however does feature a special resin finish that provides a high level of UV protection, making it versatile for just about all outdoor structures.

While still being strong, fibreglass roofing panels are not as durable or long lasting as their polycarbonate counterparts, but remain a proven roofing product suitable for many outdoor spaces, particularly Amperlite fibreglass panels.

Characteristics of Amperlite fibreglass roofing panels:

• Cost effective• Lightweight, although not as light as polycarbonate• Easy to install• High UV protection• Excellent light transmission• Tough but less durable than polycarbonate• Multiple colour choices• Australian made

Domestic accessories

To finish the roofing project, All Metal Roofing offer a range of accessories including ridge capping, barge capping, profiled end closure strips and back flashings.These accessories provide added protection against the elements while helping to aesthetically complete the structure.

Also available for our range of polycarbonate or fibreglass panels are ventilation accessories that help prevent heat build-up and promote air circulation.

Tech Specs

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