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Fascia System

Fascia for clip-fixing gutter

Exhibition in Art Gallery

NOVALINE® Fascia System has been designed for ease of use. A spring clip snaps on to the NOVALINE® Fascia and makes fixing of the gutters quick and easy. It is available in custom cut lengths to suit your application.

  • Available in COLORBOND® colours and ZINCALUME®

  • Custom cut to prevent waste, which gives extra savings

  • Designed to integrate perfectly with the complete range of All Metal gutters

  • Available with a complete range of fascia accessories

Available Colours

Technical Specifications


Compatible Gutters
  • High Front Quad

  • Low front QUAD 115

  • OGEE®

  • Flat Back 150 Gutter

  • Half Round



The NOVALINE® fascia integrates with most of our gutters. It comprises:

The fascia
  • Metal fixing brackets

  • Spring clips that fastens the gutter to the fascia

  • Overstraps to suit the chosen gutter



NOVALINE® Fascia Cover (NSW)

Put a bright new surface onto your tired old fascias.

The NOVALINE® fascia cover has the ability to cover warped or weathered timber, peeling paint or discoloured wood so the fascia appears smooth and attractive.

NOVALINE® fascia covers are designed to go over your existing fascia boards, so all these unattractive problems are totally concealed.

They are compatible with most NOVALINE® fascia accessories and will mount the same range of gutters.

Finishes: Pre-painted steel colours

Tech Specs

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