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If you are looking for the largest range of roofing supplies Sydney can offer, Sydney Roof and Building Supplies is a fantastic choice! Whether you are looking for natural slate roof tiles or scaffolding, at our store you will find the highest quality roof and building supplies at wholesale prices.

In addition to offering the lowest regular prices around, we also often have specials for all of our high quality products, so that we can provide you with even better deals. Keep an eye out on our website for information about our current promotions, or give us a call.

From our location in North Sydney, we are able to provide you with high quality personal service when you are browsing the discount building supplies Sydney Roof and Building Supplies offers. We are open Monday to Friday, beginning bright and early at 6am. We keep this schedule so that even busy customers will have time to visit our store before work. However, if you are unable to make it before our 4pm closing time, simply give us a call and we will happily stay open late to provide you with our dedicated service.

We offer the widest range of roof and building supplies North Sydney can offer. From small maintenance items like nails, to large, quality-of-life enhancing ticket items like roof sarking, our store has it all. Looking for common roofing materials such as trowels, terracotta and concrete roof tiles, saws and much more should not be a difficult task. Thanks to SRBS, it no longer is!

Even so, we believe that in order to provide a fully satisfying experience, it is important to provide more than just high quality discount building supplies. Sydney Roofing and Building Supplies also offers a wide range of services that will make your repair easier. We offer maintenance for a variety of items, fixing everything from nail guns to elevators used in repair work. If you do not have your own elevator, you can also hire one from us. With years of experience, you can be assured they will be in perfectly safe, working order.

Another key to our exceptional service is our high quality, fast delivery. This service came about as a result of our director’s own personal experience with slow and incomplete deliveries in the past. With our delivery drivers now traveling across most areas in Sydney and the Central Coast 1-2 times a week, in most cases we can deliver within 2 of the order being placed.

We also provide onsite service after purchase. If you have an issue with your repairs or maintenance, simply give us a call and we will be happy to get out and help you onsite as soon as possible. Alongside our partner contracting company, we will be able to offer you our full range of services. From the initial purchase of nails, to the last tile being placed, we will be with you throughout the repair or build.

Sydney Roof and Building Supplies are a local Aussie company. So aside from providing fantastic personal full range service, we also want to help out those contractors in our community who may not always get the chance to reach their full potential customer base. You’ll be able to find the contact details of contractors across Sydney, along with the details of our partnering contractors, on our contractors page. So if you are looking for extra help with your build, this is a great resource to use.

For high quality, cheap building supplies, Sydney Roof and Building Supplies is fantastic choice. We are happy to help you with all your repairs and maintenance needs. With our years of experience, connections with skilled contractors, and the high quality of products we hold, we can help you put the finishing touches on that dream home as fast as possible and on a reasonable budget. To find out more, please give us a call. We are happy to take your questions – or alternatively, you can always head to our FAQ.


We provide the highest quality roof materials on the market


We deliver our products within 2 days of your order.


We have everything you need from slate roof tiles to Scaffolds

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Don’t wait a week for your valley clips, get in touch with us and we will bring the product to you! We provide a fantastic delivery service that our customers love. We recognise that if you are on a roof and need equipment, you probably don’t have time to travel to your nearest supplier to pick it up. Every day all day we have a dedicated driver delivering parts that you have ordered. We cover all of Sydney and Central Coast so don’t worry if you think you are out of the way, we will always try to work you into our daily schedule.