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Ampelite Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing

Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing

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‘Solasafe’ Polycarbonate sheeting provides 99% protection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. Outdoor family and children’s play areas are part of the Australian lifestyle, and selecting the best roofing solution is the first step to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Polycarbonate is an advanced polymer with optical and physical properties that can’t be matched by other materials. Adding an outdoor room to your home can enhance your family life and add value to your property. Solasafe has three levels of polycarbonate sheeting to choose from. A level to suit your needs and climate. A colour to suit your home and surroundings.

Level One ‘Solasafe’

The most widely used Solasafe Polycarbonate sheet. Available in Corrugated, Greca and 5 – Rib profiles. Seven colours with varying light and heat transmission ratings.

Level Two ‘Solasafe’ Comfort Range

In designer colours that transmit less heat but allow plenty of soft light to pass through. More comfort! Corrugated and Greca profiles. Two colours according to the profile selected.

Level Three ‘Solasafe’ HR1

Metallic particles reflect heat but allow soft diffused light to transmit. Especially suitable for use in hot climates. Corrugated and Greca profiles in Pearl Ice and Silvermist colours.

Available Colours

Available in a variety of colours, contact us at SRBS for more information.

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

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