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Ampelite Domestic Fiberglass

Domestic Fibreglass

Exhibition in Art Gallery
Cuts 99% of harmful UV Rays

You can enjoy the outdoors feeling yet be protected from the sun, because Ampelite glass reinforced polyester sheeting has inbuilt protection against the transmission of harmful ultra violet rays. Sun without sunburn.

Australian Made

Ampelite sheeting is made to stand up to tough Australian conditions from Cairns to Cradle Mountain. When you choose Ampelite glass reinforced sheeting you can be sure that it has been made from the highest quality materials available using the world’s latest resin technology. Ampelite’s manufacturing process ensures that each phase of production is absolutely consistent from batch to batch.

Polyester film surface protection

This tough film forms an integral part of the sheet and increases its life as it prevents reinforcing fibres becoming exposed on the surface of the sheet.



Traditional, corrugated roofing & walling

Available Colours

Available in a variety of colours, contact us at SRBS for more information.

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

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