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Ampelite Industrial Fibreglass

Industrial Fibreglass

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Ampelite’s Industrial Fibreglass has set the standard for Industrial skylights in Australia for many years. It provides cost effective lighting through excellent spanning, light transmission and low thermal expansion.

More recently, Ampelite have developed Wonderglas GC, which provides all of the physical properties of standard Industrial Fibreglass, with ultimate durability through Ampelite’s unique Gel Coat Technology. For more information on Wonderglas GC and Ampelite’s Gel Coat Technology.


All current profiles (see link below) such as Corrugated, Trapezoidal pan (5-Rib), Speed-dek, etc. plus most superseded profiles are available. Click here to view profiles.


Ampelite industrial & premium grade industrial fibreglass is manufactured to AS/NZS 4256.3: 1994, Licence No.986. Ampelite are an AS/NZS ISO 9001 QEC.
N.B. Standard grade is surface protected with Melinex polyester film.

Hail Resistance

Ampelite warrant series 2400 (and upwards) standard grade industrial fibreglass sheeting against damage from hail up to 20mm in diameter accompanied by winds up to 100 km/hr for 5 years. Premium grade gel coated sheeting is covered for 10 years.

Available Colours

Please note there are no colour options for this product.

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

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