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Bradford Anticon Roofing Blanket

Roofing Blanket

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Bradford offers a range of roofing blankets to meet your project requirements. Bradford Anticon Roofing blanket insulation is suitable as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and condensation control for roofing applications. They may also be used for other thermal applications such as wall or underslab insulation.


Bradford Anticon Roofing Blanket is designed to provide efficient thermal insulation and condensation control under metal deck, fibre cement and concrete roofs, in residential or commercial applications. The name ‘Anticon’ reflects the anti-condensation function of this product.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight Insulation blanket

  • Available in a range of thicknesses to meet the BCA Energy Efficiency Provisions

  • Reduces overall building energy usage

  • Helps prevent condensation

  • Can be stored externally due to water resistant packaging

  • Can be custom cut to required length to reduce waste and installation time

  • Non Combustible

Available Colours

Please note there are no colour options for this product.

Technical Specifications


Tech Specs

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