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Bradford Enviroseal


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Enviroseal™ HTS is a highly durable, high water hold-out vapour permeable roof underlay for use in residential or commercial tiled, slate and metal roof applications. It has been designed to meet the compulsory and stringent AS/NZS4200.1 requirement for classification as a medium duty membrane for use under tile and metal roofs.

  • Minimises the risk of condensation by allowing internal moisture to escape the home

  • Acts as a tough weather barrier that can help prevent rain damage in roofs

  • Speeds up construction by allowing tradies to access the site before tiles are installed

  • Suitable for BAL regions

Available Colours

Please note there are no colour options for this product.

Technical Specifications


  • ASA plastic head and polycarbonate support ring

  • Aluminium shaft, varipitch and flashing

  • 250mm throat

  • Stainless steel ball bearings

  • Total weight: 1.9 kg

  • Wind speed rating: 205.2 km/h

Tech Specs

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