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Buildex Fasteners


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Buildex Self-drilling Screws

Buildex is an Australian company manufacturing an extensive range of self-drilling fasteners with superior product perfoamnce. Buildex Corrosion Warranty gives you peace of mind against screw damage, roof failure and expensive call backs.

Time saving

Assembly and on-site labour time is greatly reduced by eliminating the task of alignment or the need to pre-drill holes. Fastening operations in roofing, cladding and assembly can be completed in less time, often halving the time of the old conventional method.


Utilisation of unskilled labour is another benefit due to the engineering design of this type of fastener, as selection of drill size and various tools are eliminated. The tradesperson will also realise the benefits of speed and ease of installation.

One operation

As the fastening is reduced to one operation, alignment problems are eliminated. It is more economical to use self-drilling screws than to drill, tap and fasten or nut and bolt in the traditional manner.

Screw guns

Best results are obtained with electric screw drivers (TEK Guns) of approximately 380 to 650 watt rating, operating at 2500 rpm.

Available Colours

Please note there are no colour options for this product

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

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