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Fall Protection


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Fall Protection

B-safe Tradies Roofers Kit

  • Rople safety line – 15 metres Kernmantle Rope with eye on one end and fitted with BSM0012 manual rope adjuster with built in energy absorber, rated to 50kg-140kg to protect lower and upper user masses

  • Fall arrest harness with load indicator and colour fast webbing

  • Attachment strap 1.5M x 2.5mm to be used as a temporary anchorage connection

  • Suitable for a single person fall arrest

  • The full compatible components contain in the multi pocketed backpack makes using the B-Safe Tradie Kit not only safe to use but safe to carry – hands free to assist access

  • Heavy duty steel alloy karabiner

Kit contains

All purpose fall arrest harness, rope safety kit – 15m, kernmantle 1.5m attachment strap, 2 x alloy steel twist lock, karabiner, suspension trauma straps and B-Safe backpack.

Available Colours

Please note that there are no colours avaialable for this product.

Technical Specifications

Approved standards

AS18915-2020 certified product (lanyard)

AS/NZS 1891:1:2020 (Harnesses)

ANSI Z 359:12-2009 (Karabiner) Batch tested and visually inspected

All raw materials conform to relevant standard

ISO 9001 Quality control system

Tech Specs

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