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Roofing Wire

Safety Mesh

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Ausmesh is a superior quality roof underlay support and fall protection safety mesh for use on a variety of commercial buildings. Ausmesh is constructed of high tensile galvanized wire exceeding 450MPa and when used for roofing becomes a permanent fixture of the building. Available with PVC coating for high quality corrosive or aesthetic applications.

Scope of Use
  • Roof safety mesh as a primary means for fall protection when working at heights in domestic, commercial and industrial building applications that use steel or timber structure.

  • Suitable for the support of foil underlays in exposed roof spaces, and synthetic underlays (Thermakraft Covertek 407) in enclosed roof spaces.

  • May be used to support insulation. Usage intent and compatibility must be checked by the designer with the insulation manufacturer.

  • PVC – May be used for coastal builds, exposed structures or buildings that require roof safety mesh to achieve specific aesthetic criteria.

Available Colours

Please note there are no colour options for this product

Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

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